Legislative Drafting & Policy Review



Ferreira & Company has the greatest amount of experience in environmental-based legislation drafting in the country. The specialized cross–section of knowledge of our firm ensures that each law is drafted as meticulously as possible.

Our legislative drafting services include:

  • Preparation & Drafting of Statutes and Subsidiary Legislation
  • Drafting Policies & Procedures and Guidelines
  • On-site examinations and due diligence reviews

Ferreira & Company has worked with government officials to draft legislation in relation to reform of the water and sanitation sector within The Bahamas, invasive species and bio-safety legislation pursuant to the Cartagena Protocol as well as legislation relating to Environmental Impact Assessments and discharge limits.

We have proudly played an integral role in drafting a number of legislative instruments for The Bahamian government which include:

  • Water and Sewerage Corporation (Amended) Act
  • Water and Sanitation (Company) Act
  • Water and Sanitation Act
  • Invasive Species Act
  • Bio-Safety Act
  • Marine Mammals in Captivity Legislation
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Act
  • Environmental Planning and Protection Act
  • Protection Control and Waste Management