World IP Day 2020: Innovate for a Green Future – Designs & Copyright

World IP Day 2020: Innovate for a Green Future – Designs & Copyright

Design Copyright (Industrial Designs)

Design copyrights are features of shape, configuration, pattern or ornament of an article or features of pattern or ornament applicable to articles in so far as such features appeal to and are judged solely by the eye.

Products under this category that are reusable or that are made from recycled materials have an important role to play in ensuring a green future here in The Bahamas.  For example, a reusable Bahamian straw bag with a unique shape or ornamental design may be capable of registration and can be used to replace a plastic shopping bag or used as an everyday bag, thereby avoiding the use of a bag manufactured using processes harmful to the environment.  Also, products designed by local creators that have been repurposed from articles such as tires or plastic bottles can be commercialized and may be eligible for registration.    



Copyright is a property.  It gives protection to authors of original works of authorship, including the right to determine whether, and under what conditions, the original work may be used by others.

In The Bahamas, copyright may subsist in the following categories of work of authorship irrespective of its quality or the purpose for which it was created:

(a) literary works;

(b) musical works inclusive of any accompanying words;

(c) dramatic works inclusive of any accompanying music;

(d) artistic works;

(e) motion pictures and other audiovisual works;

(f) choreographic works;

(g) sound recordings;


Paper or digital books on a green Bahamas; songs highlighting environmental issues and encouraging protection of our environment; documentaries on environmental issues – these are just a few creations of the mind that can be registered under our local laws.

This is the final part of this week’s highlight series and I hope that you have found the information provided useful.

This is our earth, and we all have a role to play in protecting it.  Our IP systems can definitely protect the inventors and creators as they innovate to protect our earth. How will you Innovate for a Green Future?


This series has been provided for general information purposes only to permit you to learn more about IP systems and the role they can play in protecting the environment.  The information presented is not legal advice and is not to be acted on as such.  If you require legal advice, please feel free to contact Ferreira & Company.   


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