World IP Day 2020

World IP Day 2020

World Intellectual Property Day is celebrated every year on 26th April, which is the day on which the WIPO Convention came into force.  The objective of the celebration is to increase the general understanding of IP Rights.  In The Bahamas, IP Rights are protected through a system which covers patents, trademarks, designs and copyright.  A balanced IP system encourages innovation and creativity through recognizing and rewarding inventors and creators.

This year’s theme for World IP Day is ‘Innovate for a Green Future’.  Ferreira & Company proudly celebrates inventors who design alternatives to legacy fossil-fuel-based technologies.  We celebrate inventors and creators who work on more sustainable food and natural resource management systems, and who use our IP Systems to support their efforts.

This week, Ferreira & Company will provide brief highlights on the role that IP rights can play in encouraging innovation and creativity for a greener Bahamas. 

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